Víctor Hugo Gómez is captured, intellectual author in attack in which David Ortiz was injured.


Santo Domingo, RD

The Dominican authorities captured Víctor Hugo Gómez Vásquez, indicated as the alleged mastermind in the attack in which David Ortiz was injured. Gómez Vásquez, who was a fugitive from US authorities, was identified by the Attorney General’s Office and the National Police as the mastermind of the attack against Fernández, which ended up injuring former Major League Baseball player David Ortiz, who was shot while He shared with friends in a nightclub in the Ensanche Ozama. Sixto David Fernández, also known as David “El Modelo”, had said on the radio program Zol 106.5 FM that he had no enemies, that he did not have any money and that he was an ordinary citizen. He also pointed out that he has a car paint and painting workshop. On March 20 of this year, the federal authorities of Houston and Galveston, United States, announced the results of an anti-drug operation in Texas, presenting an arrest warrant against at least 56 people, which includes Víctor Hugo Gómez. The 43-year-old man is designated by the US authorities as part of the Gulf Cartel that operated between February 2016 and April 2018. Ortiz was operated on at the Abel González medical center and transferred in an ambulance plane to Mass General Hospital, in Boston, United States. So far the health condition of the Boston Red Sox ex-baseball player is stable, and his wife reported last Saturday that she had left the Intensive Care Unit of the Boston hospital. Still they are fugitives of justice Luis Rivas Class (The Surgeon) and Fernanda Villasmil Manzanilla, alias “The Venezuelan” or “Pelirrubia”. In the case they have received preventive detention as a measure of coercion nine involved in the act. Those who must complete the year of preventive detention are Rolfi Ferreras Cruz or Ramón Martínez Pérez (“Rolfi”), who admitted that he was the one who shot the ex-baseball player; Oliver Moisés Mirabal, Eddy Vladimir Féliz García (“El Nata”), Joel Rodríguez de la Cruz (“Squidward”) and Porfirio Ayendi Dechamps Vásquez (“Nene”). Also they will fulfill the preventive prison Reynaldo Rodriguez Valenzuela, Lanny Estefanny Perez Kings, Jose Eduardo Ciprián (“Chuki”) and Carlos Rafael Alvarez (“Carlos Nike”), these two last ones they fulfill prison in the jail of the 15 of Azua and against which has opened a parallel process for this new case.


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