The Truth About The fall of the Dominican Tourism


The Dominican Republic has signed a huge diplomatic deal with China. This deal included was completed and cemented their bond by signing eighteen new cooperation agreements, including on agriculture, culture and tourism, according to Dominican newspaper Listín Diario.

This new deal with the Chinese government will reach US$10 billion in the coming years.

Just a few weeks ago, China authorised the import of Dominican rum. Mango, avocado and coffee, the first Dominican products marketed after the establishment of relations, are expected to follow

President Medina listed a number of new projects that the Chinese state-owned infrastructure corporation might be interested in.They included a railway between the Dominican Republic and neighboring Haiti. Dams in the Monseñor Nouel province and on the Boba-Baquí rivers; the modernisation of the Arroyo Barril port; new sewage and wastewater systems in several northern provinces; and an aqueduct in Cotuí.

Dominican Republic will also be receiving loans at concessional rates, or loans that can be classified as aid, as has happened in other Latin American countries.

Basically we have sold our soul and everything else to the Chinese Empire and now we are inn for US sanctions and much more.

US response

With a slew of Central American and Caribbean nations recognising China, the US State Department called in the heads of diplomatic missions in Santo Domingo, Panama City and San Salvador (El Salvador).

According to an official statement, the objective was “to analyse the ways in which the US can support strong, independent and democratic institutions and economies throughout Central America.”

US action against the Dominican Republic could soon follow. News website McClatchy reported on January 9 that federal officials studying the US’ 2005 Dominican Republic-Central American Free Trade Agreement (DR-CAFTA) are considering blocking the former’s preferential, tariff-free access to the US market and also try to stop the millions . An anonymous official cited “questionable ties with China”. The White House, however, has not confirmed this