The longest flight in history landed this Sunday in Sydney


The longest non-stop flight in history landed this Sunday morning in Sydney, from New York. After more than 19 hours of travel, this trip implies a feat that the Australian airline Qantas wants to turn into a commercial success.

The experimental flight QF7879 was in the air exactly 19 hours and 16 minutes.

It is the first of a series of three flights with which the Australian company Qantas intends to evaluate the viability of ultra-long flights this year. This for the creation of regular commercial lines. It will also fly from London to Sydney.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce called it a “really historic moment” for the airline and the world of aviation.

“It is the first of three experimental flights with which we will see what recommendations can be made on how to handle the fatigue of the pilots, as well as the time lag of the passengers,” he told reporters upon arrival in Sydney.

The Boeing 787-9 took off Friday night from JF Kennedy Airport in New York with only 49 people on board, essentially Qantas employees. The weight was reduced, which allowed enough fuel to be shipped for the 16,000 kilometers of the route.

According to the specialized page, the aircraft weighed 233 tons when it took off, of which 101 were the weight of kerosene.