Punta Cana Safety and Security for Covid19


In the middle of the pandemic of Covid19 Punta Cana Daily News like to thank the men and women who wear the Cestur, Police, Doctor’s and Nurses for the excellent job on keeping business and citizens safe.

While driving around Bavaro Punta Cana you can find Coronel Osvaldo Perez Felix working none stop, even exposing himself with a lot of passion, Punta Cana, Bavaro residents testified that Coronel Perez Felix is a man of Honesty and Integrity, who love its job and love and respect the Community he serves. Punta Cana Security is in good hands.

Actual cases in the Dominican republic for the Corona Virus pandemic

3,755 Cases confirmed
141 New Cases 
196 Dead
8,474 Negative Test
215 Recovered
623 In Hospital Isolation
2,721 In-Home Isolation
55% Are Men
45% Are Woman
Prov. La Altagracia: 86 Cases confirmed, con 4 new cases confirmed

So far the Municipal area of La Altagracia, Bavaro Punta Cana looks very stable and residents are cooperating so far with the social distancing. The Dominican Republic authorities have not decided on a 24 hours lockdown. Punta Cana hotels are looking forward to reopening for business. The tourism industry analyst thinks that after this Pandemic is over many families will be traveling to Punta Cana to take a break from the massive lockdown of these past months.


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