Located at the bottom of the sea the car where American couple was traveling.


SANTO DOMINGO.-The car in which the couple of American spouses supposedly traveled was located at the bottom of the Caribbean Sea, the authorities could not get it out of the water yet. The Kia Rio, car plate A799107, that after being located, the authorities tried to take it out of the waters of the Caribbean Sea but in the process the cable that was holding it from the crane disengaged falling again. The vehicle was located by divers at kilometer 19 of the Las Américas highway “at the same point” where authorities presume that the traffic accident occurred at dawn on March 27, when foreigners were heading to the International Airport of the Americas, according to a source from the National Police. Police confirmed on Wednesday that the woman who died in a hospital in the country to which she was transferred after suffering a traffic accident is the American Portia Ravenelle, 32, reported missing with her partner since last March 27. The spokesman of the institution, Frank Félix Durán, informed that the American authorities that collaborate in the investigation confirmed the identity of the deceased from the fingerprints sent on Tuesday by the Dominican investigators. In the case of his companion, Orlando Moore, aged 43, the deterioration of the body, which was found in the waters of the Caribbean Sea days after the accident, did not allow to obtain clear information of the fingerprints, for which photographs of the tattoos of the man so that the family can identify him, said Durán. The investigations indicate that Moore and Ravenelle, who were missing for days, suffered a traffic accident on March 27 when they were traveling to Las Americas International Airport, which serves Santo Domingo. According to reports, on March 27, an ambulance moved a woman with the characteristics of Ravenelle who had multiple body blows to the Dario Contreras hospital in the Dominican capital and who died on 4 April in the intensive care unit (ICU). ) of that health center. Meanwhile, on March 31, four days after the accident, it was found floating in the Caribbean Sea, some 20 or 30 kilometers away from the point of the accident and very close to the port of Sans Soucí, in the municipality of Santo Domingo Este, the lifeless body of a man who is very much like Moore. The couple traveled to Samaná on March 23 to spend four days on vacation in a hotel in the northeastern part of the Dominican Republic.


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