Aviation Research Commission investigates the causes of plane crash


The Commission of airplane accident investigation(CIAA) revealed that it investigates the causes of the accident of a private plane in which four people died, traveling from the international airport Maria Montés in Barahona to Cabo Rojo in Pedernales.

The four occupants of the accident-damaged private aircraft, registration N55784 of type PA28, died instantly after the plane in which they were traveling suddenly rushed to the ground in the southwestern provinces of the Dominican Republic.

Among the victims of the fatal accident are an Italian, who was the pilot, Giuseppe Lubrano; the co-pilot Enrique Gullón; Raquel Córdova and another person so far unidentified.

According to the details, the aircraft took off at 10.27 minutes on Saturday morning in a journey of about 35 minutes and as time passed the search was activated immediately.

The president of the Commission of Investigation of Aerial Accidents CIAA, colonel of the Air Force of the Dominican Republic (FARD), Emmanuel Soufrontt Tamayo said that in relation to the case, technicians of the organism moved to the place of the accident to begin the lifting of the corpses and collect data where the device fell to initiate investigations.

Soufrontt Tamayo said that the bodies of the four occupants of the crashed plane were taken to the National Institute of Forensic Sciences INACIF, in Azua, where they would be subjected to autopsy and delivered to their families.

The president of the CIAA, explained that he still could not talk about the causes that caused the accident of the privately owned apparatus until the investigation process that initiated the agency ended.

He emphasize however, that as soon as the investigations carried out by the technicians are completed, they will be made known to the public through the different means of communication to the country.

According to preliminary data offered by military and aeronautical sources, the accident would have occurred after the engine of the plane went out in mid-flight when it had about 15 minutes of having taken off from the Maria Montes airport, from Barahona to the province of Cabo Rojo de Pedernales.

The Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation (IDAC) activated Saturday night the protocol for the search and rescue procedure of the aircraft that would make the route from María Montés International Airport in Barahona to Cabo Rojo in Pedernales activating the Pelican Plan, which integrates the main aid and first aid agencies in cases of accidents or aerial incidents, the Air Force of the Dominican Republic (FARD) had aircraft that border the coast and the mountainous area, and the Navy also by maritime waters.

Also several aircraft belonging to aeroclubs also flying over the area to locate the device that had been reported missing since early afternoon.

Then in the early hours of Sunday, authorities found the bodies of the four crew members of the plane that took off on Saturday morning from Maria Montés International Airport in Barahona, bound for Cabo Rojo, in Pedernales.

The aircraft and the bodies without life of the occupants were located in the hill Agüita Blanca, of the coastal municipality of La Ciénaga, of Barahona, confirmed sources of the airport terminal.



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