Travelers will be exempt from the new “state of emergency” measure.


The movement of flights and passengers at airports will remain unchanged after the approval of the state of emergency and the curfew. Travelers will be exempt from the measure that will begin on Tuesday, July 21, and will last for 20 days.

The corporate director of Communication of the company Dominican Airports XXI (Aerodom), Luis López Mena, explained that decree in its point 8 grants authorization to transit international travelers, so that night flights will remain unchanged.

However, López Mena clarified that what is being confirmed is what documents travelers must show to the service military to be able to move freely within the curfew when they go to the airports.

“We still do not know if it will be enough to show the boarding pass or if passengers will be required to have another document,” explained the Aerodom executive.

In accordance with the provision, international passengers and private or commercial vehicle operators who are transferring them, as well as duly identified employees of the maritime and air transport sector will be exempt from the measure.

The government announced last Monday a new curfew after the approval of the state of emergency. The measure seeks to reduce the spread of Covid-19 in the country.

However, the president of the High-Level Commission for the Prevention and Control of Coronavirus, Gustavo Montalvo, had assured that the closure of airports and airspace would not be included in the next measures to be announced to the country.

As is known, the new measures seek to ensure that those who test positive remain confined and cared for in health centers. And that those who have been in contact with the infected remain in confinement for a period of 14 days, until the suspicion is cleared.


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