Cruise tourism of La Romana keeps going up


Our country has had the privilege of being a place of excellence for tourism, combining the warmth of its people with the splendid weather, which makes the Dominican Republic the perfect country to vacation.

Tourists arrive by different routes, but La Romana has had the peculiarity of receiving a considerable number of visitors each year, through the cruise packages, also known as “maritime tourism”, chosen by many Americans and islanders of the Lesser Antilles. , who enjoy an activity that produces good profits to the Dominican State.

Despite constant criticism in the international media about the situation in the Dominican Republic, these visits to our country have continued on a regular basis, especially in La Romana.

Tourism Manager in this province, Kelvin Yan, states that one of the riches that La Romana has is the visit of these tourists from the United States, Martinique, San Martin, Jamaica, Antigua and Barbuda, among other latitudes close to the island.

“The Dominican Republic is a destination anchored in the Caribbean, which receives thousands of tourists, that if we go to the proportion of cases that have occurred, the difference is not very considerable,” the official explained, referring to the deaths that in a natural way they have happened in some hotels in the East region, and whose circumstances have been manipulated by international media.


The statistics concerning the visit of cruises to the dock of La Romana in recent years has remained at a good pace, which is reflected in the number of cruise ships and visitors that arrive monthly in this city through this route.

In the first semester of this year (January-June) to the Dominican Republic about 67 cruises arrived with a number of visitors, with a total of 194 thousand 875 visitors, without calculating the crew. The port of La Romana competes closely with Puerto Plata, which is relaunching its tourism and is acquiring very good numbers in number of visitors through cruises.

These statistics are provided by the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic in its gazette of access to information. The boom in tourism by ports skyrocketed in 2012, reaching astronomical figures, but in this year 2019 the numbers are coupling to normal.

Each visitor spends an average of 80 to 90 dollars, taking into account that they buy an all-inclusive trip to travel agencies. The most common packages of the Carnival cruise company amount from $ 500 and up.


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