“The country is safe for tourists,” says Minister of Culture in France.


Eduardo Selman, Minister of Culture of the Dominican Republic joined the voices defending the Dominican Republic in the face of international attacks after the death of several tourists in hotels in the country, whose deaths were confirmed by health problems that already brought their destinations . “The Dominican Republic is a pleasant tourist destination with high levels of security, which offers an enviable cultural diversity to its visitors,” the architect said. The official said that as in any other country, in the Dominican Republic there have been isolated incidents with nuances of violence, but in no case can it be concluded that in that country there is not the necessary security for the tourists who visit it and for its citizens. Through a press release it was explained that the most prestigious hotel companies in Europe, United States and Canada are present in that nation and expand their million-dollar investments “something that only happens because they have proven the existence of security to do them”. He gave an example that in the last three years, from 2015 to 2018, the Dominican Republic has been the main destination of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the region, having received some 700 million dollars annually, according to the report of “Investment Foreign Direct in Latin America and the Caribbean 2018 “of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC). He recalled that recently the Ministry of Tourism of his country revealed that in the last five years foreign direct investment in the tourism sector grew by 523% and noted that, from 2015 to 2018, the Dominican Republic received 20.9 million foreign tourists, according to the data of the Central Bank of that country.

During his visit, which began on Tuesday, June 19, Minister Selman met with diplomats accredited in France and with members of the Dominican community, to whom he explained that the Dominican tourist destination is the ideal place for a pleasant and safe vacation. The meetings were coordinated by the permanent ambassador to UNESCO, singer-songwriter José Antonio Rodríguez, and among other efforts, was to present to the agency the nomination of three Dominican demarcations to the Network of Creative Cities and Sustainable Development. At each meeting that Selman attended, he spoke about the benefits of Dominican tourism. He referred to the hotel chains located throughout the national geography, which he said make the lodging an exceptional experience, thanks to the climatic and landscape variety, enough to satisfy any taste, even the most demanding visitors. “Likewise, the Dominican Republic offers visitors air and sea access to the entire American continent, to Europe and the East, which brings it closer, geographically, to the whole world,” Selman said.

The Minister of Culture considered reasonable that in the face of media events that question the climate of coexistence, the Dominican Government and the Ministry of Tourism have decided to come out ahead of those who intend to present a different image to what is the Dominican Republic. Selman emphasized that in the Caribbean country one lives in peace, although faced with the inconveniences experienced by most of the nations of the world, and stressed that the Dominican Republic “is the most attractive destination to enjoy a vacation available to any visitor, because there he has the possibility to adjust his budget “. He did not fail to emphasize that this country is already known for the sun and its beaches, and has entered a stage in which, in addition, it offers tourists its cultural diversity, its historical richness, its music, crafts and other artistic riches. “The cultural diversity of the Dominican Republic is very extensive and gives us the opportunity to highlight different artistic aspects, such as music, gastronomy, other cultural expressions such as crafts,” he stressed. In that diversity, Selman also listed events such as theater, visual arts, cinema, literature, fashion, architecture, photography, dance, ballet, choral singing, popular and folk dances. Selman also considered important to point out that his country is distinguished by the performance of its athletes, amateur and professional level, in sports disciplines such as baseball, volleyball, basketball, golf, tennis, soccer, among others.