Punta Cana Group Donated RD$100 million to COVID-19 Virus Research

Punta Cana Covid19 Bigest donation in the history of Dominican Republic

We all know that every city and every country have somebody responsible for the improvement of the city or somebody who is the silent keeper for example who is Bill Gates to USA, somebody, who is responsible for thousands of jobs and donations from hospital to schools and many many more donations to the city of Higuey La Altagracia including Bavaro and Punta Cana, The name of this philanthropist icon is Francisco Rafael ‘Frank’ Rainieri Marranzini a businessman in the tourist industry in the Dominican Republic. He is the chairman and founder of Grupo Puntacana. According to Forbes, Rainieri has one of the ten largest fortunes in the Dominican Republic, with a net worth near the billion-dollar mark as of 2014. In 2015, he was designated ambassador of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta to the Dominican Republic, a position that his father also held four decades earlier.
Mr Frank Rainieri and family has donated 100 millions dominican pesos equal to 2 million dollars to the fight with the new virus COVID-19 this is the largest donation so far made by a private sector local company in the Dominican Republic history
In 1969, Rainieri and Theodore Kheelacquired a 58-million square meter lot on the eastern end of the Dominican Republic, which was covered with jungle and six miles of beach.Their first project was a 40 guest hotel called the Punta Cana Club, inaugurated two years later. In 1979, they constructed the Puntacana Hotel. The Punta Cana International Airport followed in 1984.In 1997, Rainieri and Kheel partnered with Oscar de la Renta and Julio Iglesias to start work on the Punta Cana Marina and the real estate development of the area. 

To this day Punta Cana has the privilege of having a living human angel and known for so many in the Dominican Republic as the Punta Cana Godfather


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