US Ambassador visits CEPM facilities in Bávaro


During a tour Mrs. Robin S. Bernstein met in detail the investment and technological advances on which the efficiency of the energy service is based in the Eastern Zone of the country. BÁVARO, La Altagracia. The United States Ambassador to the country Robin S. Bernstein visited the facilities of the Punta Cana Macao Energy Consortium -ECPM- to learn about the infrastructure and the innovative technology that serves as a basis for efficiency and the guarantee of energy supply in the East , specifically in Bávaro, Verón, Nisibón, Miches and Punta Cana. The diplomat was accompanied by her husband Richard Bernstein and Katharine Beamer, Counselor of Political and Economic Affairs of the diplomatic legation.  CEPM, a company of the InterEnergy Group, received Bernstein and his team Roberto Herrera, Executive Director, Oscar San Martin, General Manager, Vielka Guzman, Director of Communications and Shared Value and Wellington Reyes, Commercial and Innovation Director. CEPM is the most important investment in energy solutions in the Eastern Zone of the Dominican Republic, with an amount exceeding US $ 680 million. Herrera offered details to the diplomat about the projects inaugurated earlier this year at the Bavaro facilities, as well as the development of other plans under way, including electric mobility and solar energy parks. In the case of Electric Mobility, CEPM recently announced the signing of an agreement with the American company Blink to develop the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in the Dominican Republic and Panama, with the aim of expanding the business to other markets in Latin America and the Caribbean. Caribbean in the near future. During the meeting, the ambassador was interested in knowing also the challenges and the development of future plans that CEPM has in the tourist area as well as investments in renewable energies and new technologies. Bernstein toured the facilities on board the Tesla Model 3, one of the electric vehicles available to the company as part of its drive to electric mobility in the country.


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