The FBI concludes investigation on the deaths of tourists in the Dominican Republic


After the Caribbean country was in the eye of the hurricane earlier this year due to sudden deaths of tourists, the FBI conducted its own investigation, including toxicological reports.

Toxicological tests performed on tourists who died in the Dominican Republic are consistent with natural causes. According to Fox News, the FBI opened an investigation into the death of tourists in the resorts of the Dominican Republic. Subsequently, the agency delivered a report to the Dominican authorities.

In an exclusive statement sent to Fox News 43, the State Department’s Office of Consular Affairs says:

The results of the additional toxicological tests carried out to date have been consistent with the findings of the local authorities (Dominican Republic). Our condolences to families in these difficult times.”

The FBI investigation was based on analyzing whether tourist deaths in hotels in the Dominican Republic were related to the consumption of adulterated alcoholic beverages.