The corpse of a Dominican woman disappeared in Spain was found floating in a river.


Patricia Rosado Mateo, 31, was found drowned in the Tagus River, in Toledo.

A woman of Dominican nationality disappeared in Madrid, on July 10, was found dead early in the morning of this Thursday. As explained by the authorities of Castilla-La Mancha, the body of the lady of 31 years was seen floating on the Tagus River, in the area of ​​the Passage Ship, passing through Toledo, in Spain.

Due to the physical characteristics, the Spanish authorities presume that it is Patricia Rosado Mateo. The firefighters rescued the body of the river and the doctor of the UVI certified his death.

The Disappeared SOS Association of Spain had requested citizen collaboration to find it. According to reports, the woman had curly black hair, dark eyes, a height of 5’2 feet and was thin.

According to sources of the Delegation of the Government in Castilla-La Mancha, was one of his relatives who reported his disappearance a day after it happened.

A few months before the tragedy, on February 27, Rosado Mateo recorded a video and posted it on his social networks, where he warned of suffering from a mental disorder.

In the images you can see the woman visibly uncomfortable saying the following: “I’m fighting for my life, I’m trying to stay alive.”

The woman said that after living for 16 years in Spain, she was not allowed to leave and had to “catch a plane to Santo Domingo”, supposedly to protect her life. The video was recorded during his stay in the Dominican Republic, where she says was still “living the same situation” of persecution as in Spain.

After the recording of that video, the woman disappeared, until yesterday when the authorities found her body.

In the nearly three minutes of the video, the woman says that she felt threatened and feared for her life. “I do not know what they want to do with me; they try to take my life for some reason that I totally do not know, “she said.

The SOS Disappeared Association of Spain deactivated yesterday the alert to find Patricia Rosado informing that her lifeless body had been located, all after knowing the news about the finding of the corpse of a woman in the Tagus.


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