No details have been given on the plans for the regeneration of the beaches


There is not information so far about any beach regeneration plan, which was included this year in the state budget, for an amount of 777 million/pesos, to be administered by the Ministry of Tourism.
The Ministry of Tourism of Veron and Punta Cana reported that the company that won the tender whose name is Acciona-DC is a company with a track record in the area of ​​beach regeneration.

Despite the fact that the Vice Minister of International Affairs, Fausto Fernandez, promised that in the first quarter of 2019 they would commence the work of regeneration, already at the end of this period and the erosion problems of the beaches have worsened, which has led the owners of hotels that operate in the area to place bags of sand on the beach to prevent waves from impacting their facilities.

The project that aims to recover 11 coastal areas that present the problem of erosion negatively affects tourism in the country. Experts in the area affirm that if the problem of erosion is not corrected with brevity, it will continue happening affecting the beaches in a considerable way.

fuente: bavaronews


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