National Police Director calls fugitives attempted against David Ortiz to surrender.


The director of the National Police, Major General Ney Aldrin Bautista, defended the investigations carried out in relation to the case involving former Major League Baseball player David Ortíz and called on those who remain fugitives to surrender by any means they consider necessary. When referring to the questions that have arisen after making known the first phase of the investigations, Bautista Almonte explained that the “investigation is not what I say, nor what you say, is what you present as evidences, evidences that should be to be raised in a clear way and that is what we have done, to investigate is the search for the truth “. He said that the search for the fugitives continues, “we show the press, three names and three faces and we hope that you multiply this, because we are behind these people to answer for the facts to which they are linked.” So far, the police are pursuing Luis Alfredo Rivas Clase (El Cirujano), Víctor Hugo Gómez, the alleged intellectual author and Alberto Miguel Rodríguez Mota, 36 years old. “The call to those fugitives is that they surrender, that they surrender in the way they consider necessary, surrender because we are looking for they,” said Aldrin Bautista.


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