Living Museum of the Sea in Punta Cana.


Group Puntacana Foundation has developed the first “Living Museum of the Sea” in Punta Cana, in the marine protected area called El Coliseo, exclusively dedicated to recreational diving, species conservation and scientific research.

Located on the reef in front of Puntacana Resort & Club and within the “Marine Reef Sanctuary of the Southeast”, in the “Living Museum of the Sea” visitors can explore the diverse and fascinating scenery of the Caribbean reef in the company of fish, turtles, shells and corals, to then meet with the real remnants of an 18th century shipwreck.

Jake Kheel, vice president of Grupo Puntacana Foundation, explained that this tour under the sea serves as an attraction for tourists and promotes the culture of the Dominican Republic, through a real shipwreck.

“The Museum is a diving tourist attraction, but it serves a double purpose as a non-fishing area. We want to replicate the experience of the Aquarium in Punta Cana, where we have achieved a sanctuary with the highest density of fish in the country with the support of local fishermen, Kheel said. “With the presence of recreational divers, the Coliseum can become another successful conservation area.”

Puntacana Resort & Club offers diving excursions with all the necessary diving equipment, through an authorized aquatic company, as well as the accompaniment of a certified guide. A part of the income generated by the museum will be allocated to the marine projects of the Group Puntacana Foundation.

The museum is sponsored by the Small Grants Program of the United Nations, and the collaboration of the University of Indiana of the United States and the Ministry of Culture of the Dominican Republic.



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