Legal Marihuana in the Dominican Republic


After a proposal put forward by neurosurgeon Joaquin Fuello, where he exposes the legalization of marihuana for medicinal purposes, it has taken strength as it could bring great benefits to the country.

This proposal has brought various opinions in society, one of which has been the Legal Advisor of the Executive Power Andres Van Der Horst who says he is in favor of this proposal to legalize Cannabis for medical purposes.

The opinion of Joaquin Fuello is to create a debate in the country, where the pros and cons of the use of this plant are analyzed. For his part Van Der Horst ensures that if approved this would represent a breakthrough on the medicine arena.

Van Der Horst expressed “I start from the point that global tenure, not only advanced countries, Europeans and important states of the United States and Canada are legalizing the use of marihuana, Latin American countries such as Paraguay, which have been legalizing it”.
He also said that the goal is to make a scientific forum, leaving aside religious issues and taboos. since the benefits and qualities of Marihuana are regularly demonstrated.

Van Der Horts states that the country could become a Cannabis exporter to the United States and Canada and later to other countries.

Starting from sowings controlled by the authorities of drug control, the National Directorate of Drug Control (DNCD), among other responsible for the area and thus be able to create laboratories and sell it.

The Executive Advisor assures that in the Dominican Republic there are laboratories that use controlled substances for their medications that are more addictive and dangerous than Marihuana.

“I agree with Dr. Puello that regardless of recreational use or not, that’s another issue, should start with the subject medicine and try to generate a public opinion on the scientific basis, not based on beliefs and taboos”


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