Cuba elects its first president of the Republic after 40 years


Cuba will choose today its first president of the Republic in more than 40 years, a figure that ceased to exist in 1976 and was restored with the new Constitution approved in April.

The election will take place during an extraordinary session of the National Assembly (unicameral Parliament) in which no surprises are expected: Miguel Díaz-Canel, current president of the Councils of State and Ministers, is expected to be ratified as the country’s leader.

Since its creation, this last position was first occupied by Fidel Castro and then by his younger brother, ex-president Raúl Castro, who ceded the headquarters of the State to Díaz-Canel in April 2018 and will remain at the head of the ruling Communist Party of Cuba (only legal) until 2021.

Miguel Díaz-Canel, 59, would begin his first five-year term as president, after a year of assuming the leadership of the island, and could make decisions without relying on the approval of the State Council, at least formally.