Brutally Attacked Tourist in Prestige Hotel in Punta Cana


Tammy Lawrence-Daley, originally from Delaware, United States, was on vacation in Punta Cana when she was brutally attacked by one of the employees of the hotel where she was staying. Far from her husband and the friends with whom she had traveled, she remained lying in the basement of the establishment for eight hours until, finally, they found her. Several months after the episode, he decided to share his story on social networks.
“How do you explain to your children that a random stranger almost kills you and that ‘Mom is going home, but she does not look like her anymore?'” The text begins. In her story, the woman tells how difficult it was to bring peace to her family when she left the hospital with her face disfigured as a result of the beating: “Everyone asks, ‘Why?’, ‘How?’ You tell them a story, you tell all the details so they do not feel sorry, so they stay strong … so they do not see how one falls apart inside with fear, disappointment and weakness.

She, her husband and her best friends were on vacation with their best friends in Punta Cana when everything happened. “We went to an all-inclusive resort, the Majestic Elegance.” The first night, after having walked, we went to bed relatively early (10:00 am), because, let’s be honest … it was a long day and we’re not that young anymore! “

“Tuesday brought sun and sand, that night we met our friends to see a theater show, the show ended around 10:30 pm and we went back to our rooms, I was hungry, but they informed me that they were no longer serving food I told my husband that I would run to the living room of our building to have a drink and that I would be back in 5 minutes, however, I did not go to the living room of our building and I chose to go to the one in the next one, which was in the I thought I could get some pictures of the moon in the water, but I never got there, “he said.

According to Tammy, there was no one else in the corridor that connected one building to the other. Suddenly, she heard footsteps approaching behind her, but before she could react, someone grabbed her by the neck, immobilized her using her arms and began to push her into a maintenance room.

“I’m not going to go into bloody details, I struggled with everything I had at the time, but it was too strong,” the woman said, adding: “I was strangled several times to unconsciousness. My lifeless body was dragged down the stairs from concrete to an underground area of ​​sewage, they kicked me in the head, hit me with a stick and then strangled me again, at that moment, he discarded my body in an area that I refer to as the “hole”. I was unconscious several times during this wild attack, so I have no idea what else was done to me during that time, somehow I survived, once again, I’m not going to go through all the hell I went through basically being “buried “in that place for so many hours.
After the attack, Tammy spent five days in a medical clinic where they had to operate to repair their injuries. “I am still dealing with several problems, including nerve damage, as well as all medical expenses since I am home, Majestic Elegance is not responsible for what happened, as I could not identify the attacker,” he explained.

“This man thought he had killed me, but he failed, he is still out there, he is a predator, waiting for his next victim, maybe the next woman is not so lucky,” wrote Tammy, who finished the text with a tip for others. Women: “Please, please do not walk alone, these attacks occur very often and the criminals are not being prosecuted even though evidence is found.” Victims receive no medical compensation, neither pain nor suffering, and Resorts are not responsible Majestic Elegance did not offer to reimburse us for our vacations, much less my current medical expenses Litigation went nowhere The stories are being crushed.



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