Billionaire John McAfee stopped in Dominican after docking with a yacht full of weapons


PUNTA CANA- John McAfee, a US billionaire, programmer and founder of the antivirus and software company McAfee, was arrested on the north coast of the Dominican Republic on Wednesday along with a group of people of different nationalities, as reported by authorities of the Armed Forces and The Public Ministry.

McAfee was arrested while docking a yacht in Puerto Plata, a province that gives access to the Atlantic.

During the arrest he was seized a number of various high-caliber weapons, ammunition and military props, for which he is under interrogation.

The tycoon posted a photo via Twitter showing high-caliber weapons, indicating that the CIA had tried to capture him. “

The luxurious yacht “The Great Mystery” was held by the authorities for research purposes, as well as everything found inside after it docked at the “Ocean World” marina in the Cofresí area.

The foreigners arrested are the Americans Richard Alan Gibson and Elizabeth McAfee, the German Robert Whitfield, the Bahamian Oral Thompson and the Haitian Vasner Louis.

The billionaire confirmed that he was already at liberty tweeting: “I leave the detention (do not judge my appearance – four days of confinement). I was well treated. My superiors were friendly and helpful. Despite the useful circumstances, we decided to move on.” .


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