An Argentine teenager traveled with her family became seriuosly ill.


Dominican Republic Punta Cana:

Despite having hired a traveler assistance service, from the company they presented different obstacles that prevent their return to the country.

Candela Aylen Saccone is a 15 year old teenager from Villa Ballester who traveled to Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) to enjoy a perfect vacation with her family. Everything had been dreamed, but shortly before undertaking the return to Buenos Aires he suffered a decompensation and in a second they went on to live a nightmare. He fainted. Quickly the medical staff of the hotel attended her and informed that it was something serious. So this Wednesday they took her to the Punta Cana Medical Center, where she was diagnosed with diabetic ketoacidosis and explained that she had to be induced to coma. To do so they had to move it to Santo Domingo, the capital of the country, since they did not have the necessary elements to treat her.

While the ambulance was heading to Clinica Canela 1 to induce her to coma, her condition worsened and she fell into a coma naturally. Bad signal. In the clinic, the doctors observed the worsening of their condition with failing kidneys and no response to medication. Given this, his transfer to the General Hospital of the Plaza de la Salud was indicated. And it was then that the bureaucratic obstacles appeared.

The company Assist Card, refused to provide the assistance service to the traveler that the family had hired. There was no time for this kind of problems. “The family is desperate because the coverage of Assist Card has not yet authorized it pending the budgets,” Ana Callero, a friend of the girl, told to La Nación.

There was no progress until the campaign on social networks had its effect. The company reported that “it guaranteed all the services that the passenger and her family needed”. And they clarified that they took charge of services that were even out of reach of the contracted product. In addition, they assured that they will be responsible for all expenses incurred in the recovery of Candela. But from the family, the look is different.

“It was two days of chaos and more difficult days will come until we achieve the transfer to Buenos Aires,” Callero told Infobae. “She was not diabetic before and suddenly, she fainted and went into a coma, which caused kidney failure and cerebral edema, and we were suffering from the help of the company Assit Card, leaving the people to the good of God. a topic of coverage and the policy that permanently prevented the transfer, we contacted doctors from the Garrahan and they recommended the immediate transfer to Santo Domingo, “the woman completed.

According to his story, it was the Argentine consul in Santo Domingo who managed a bed in the Dominican capital and now the struggle is to pay for the transfer back to Argentina. “She is now hospitalized and we have to wait to move her to Buenos Aires.”

“It’s a reversible picture but if the measures are not taken in time and form it gets worse, she has a cerebral edema, the prognosis is super reserved, she is very serious,” explained the family friend. “The hotel helped, the Foreign Ministry helped, but the obstacles were set by the company that had to offer the coverage.” “The hotel helped, the Foreign Ministry helped, but the obstacles were set by the company that had to offer the coverage.” “The hotel helped, the Foreign Ministry helped but the obstacles were put in place by the company that had to offer the coverage, I am surprised, I was dealing all day with the operators of Assist Card, and at night an executive contacted me but when this had already come out In the social networks, they explained to me that it was a medical problem, which is not true because we have all the documents to confirm that the doctors fervently recommended the transfer, the only thing they communicated with was to tell us that the policy was running out “said the woman. Still, Candela’s family is in Santo Domingo.


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