Majestic resort claims Tammy Lawrence-Daley asked for $2.5M before going public with attack story


Looking at the violent fake news being posted these last few days about Dominican Republic, you can only read and gasp in horror, but not for the veracity of the stories, but for the openly malicious intent of certain groups to damage the reputation of such a beautiful country were local people are the friendliest you will ever see in the Caribbean.

I will discuss a few events that have been disclosed in the media the big majority are fake and false allegations that have been blown out of proportion.

Starting with the allegations of an assault to a white American tourist name Tammy Lawrence-Daley. First of all this assault happen back in Jan 2019 the victim never tries to involve the authorities at the time of the crime, Common sense will tell you that she did not want to have her case solved or investigated.
An anonymous source contacts us and informed our office that Ms. Tammy Lawrence-Daley call the hotel where she was attacked 2 in March 2019 after the attack asking for $2.5 million dollars to keep her mouth shut about the alleged crime and they decline to give her any money. After that, she attempts on several occasions to lower the drive up to 1 million dollars and the hotel continues to decline any payment, their fore she decided to go ahead with the scandal.
After this information there is very little credibility that you can give this lady, also the fact that she waited half of the year to speak up about an incident that changes her life forever is definitely a fraud and false accusation in my eyes.